LX Pro offers opportunities for flight training and operational training for staff in direct contact with helicopters :
  • Training for ground staff, aircrew :
    • helicopter courier,
    • ambulance,
    • search & rescue,
    • winching, transportation,
    • safety instructions,
    • mountain drops,
    • helicopter environment awareness…
  • Training for air crew & cabin crew and support staff :
    • flight observer for lines inspection,
    • winching,
    • helicopter courier,
    • insulator wash operations.

Whether you are looking for a ground or aerial trainer for airborne tasks or passengers transport, we are sure to meet all your needs thanks to our experience and network of partners.

LX Pro also provides pilot instructors and examiners who will assist you in :
  • Training:
    • refresher training,
    • recent flight experience,
    • further training and development for private and professional pilots
  • Specific training for aerial work :
    • visits of classic lines with IR camera systems,
    • insulator washing,
    • aerial photography on all systems (ground and flight training),
    • helicopter courier,
    • aerial spraying.