Are you looking for a pilot for your passenger transfer operation or aerial work, a safety pilot, a “movie pilot”, or simply professional advice ?

LX Pro offers “à la carte” pilot services :
  • Safety training – crew fire rescue
  • Corporate, passengers transportation, VIP
  • Adapted services for device owners
  • « Safety pilot » for private or professional pilots
  • Aeronautical advice
  • Ferry and technical flights
  • Sporting events  (Rally, Race, Raid,…)
  • Aerial workpowerline inspection, live line washing of insulators, helicopter courier, scouting  airborne platforms  aerial spraying
  • Aerial photography : shoulder camera, gyrostabilized camera systems   (Stab C, Super G, Cinéflex, Wescam)
LX Pro is also a network of professional partners who can provide advice and solutions in many areas :
  • Safety training – security – search & rescue – aerial firefighting
  • FAA / EASA certified instrumentation (radio altimeters, communications, avionics,…)
  • STC filing for optional equipment (creation, conversion, assistance) and for minor or major changes
  • Provision of helicopter camera systems and operators
  • Consultancy for helicopter power line maintenance
  • Creating and equipping heliports, helipads (fixed and mobile beacons for day & night operations)
  • Support for all your outdoor projects: heli-skiing, heli-biking, heli-hiking
  • Locating and financing helicopter purchases
  • Technical expertise, maintenance and options fitting, paintwork … (Part 145)
  • Administrative assistance (operating documents, operational manuals,…)
  • Provision of helicopter equipment, materials and kits for aerial firefighting, aerial spraying, insulator washing and windmill cleaning.